About Us

With good blend of Montessori and play way methods kids paradise is one of the leading school of Indore. We are all committed to lay a strong foundation with modern and advance pre primary education and we believe in providing quality education. We aim to make an interactive learning as tool to help children explore the world around them. We follow a thematic approach through different themes such as seasons, animals, gardens and festivals, children learn various subjects like plant science, animal, science, mathematics and languages. This gives children a real experiences and make learning interesting. Our teachers are friendly mentors and guides. Who ensure that the classroom is an emotionally safe place where children can dig deeper and take risks with their imagination and blossom without any fear.

We believe that lives of our children solely depends upon the education imparted to them at a tender age which goes with them till the end Pre – School is an important stage in their lives.

Kids Paradise have adopted the philosophy of learning through different language skills. Mathematical skills, Creative skills and general awareness with substantial emphasis on physical, mental and sensorial development.

The Methodology we follow will take the tiny tots through the world of words, numbers, colours and more, through fun filled activities and enchanting illustrations.

Further, it will equip them with skills that are necessary for taking on Pre Primary education we wish happy learning hours to our children.


Presenting advanced play group facilities for joyful learning.

Play way method to make learning and growing joyful.

At Kids Paradise we strongly believe in developing the students right from the beginning Nourishing them at root level gives better citizen group (Pre – Nur. to K.G.II) facilities, where kids are trained thoroughly Montessori for the best development of their brains thinking ability and motor skills.

At Kinder garden level there is no need for any homework. At best some creative activity like drawing/painting and different effects of imprint is given as an extension to the learning process there is minimum homework at class K.G. I and K.G.II

The child is exposed to an environments is when he/she enjoys learning activity and develops fine motor skills through planned alternate activities preparatory to formal uniting. Simultaneously the child is encouraged to develop confidence through oral expression, stage performance and mock interviews. The books we used are for references in developing the required skills in the children for reinforcement and strong basic concepts we use worksheets. Which may be completed in class or at home. We arrange all the books are stationery required in the learning process in the school.

There is a environment of mutual respect affection and trust between the children and staff at kids paradise. We desire the parents by maintain this environment we are making the children aware of civic and environmental responsibilities by providing clean and hygienic environment which the children maintain themselves. Our mission is to equip the child to succeed in tomorrow’s word the word of the child’s future.